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سه شنبه 3 مهر 1397

Public News

Doping announcements
Sanctioned and suspended riders and staff

UCI has announced the list of riders an staff who are provisionally suspended and sanctioned by the UCI.

This is to officially notify the cycling associations, teams, clubs, organizations and individuals that the following riders and staff are provisionally suspended and sanctioned by the UCI as they have violated the Anti-Doping Rules:


1- KAZEMISARAI Ahad - Start date: 13.05.2016 (Ineligibility period: 8 years)
2- REZAVI Naser - Start date: 11.12.2015 (Ineligibility period: 4 years)
3- HAGHI Alireza - Start date: 14.05.2016 (Ineligibility period: 4 years)
4- EMAMI Rahim - Start date: 13.05.2016 Ineligibility period: 7 years and 6 months)
5- AHMADI Rouhollah - Start date: 23.05.2014 (Ineligibility period: 4 years)

Provisionally suspended:

1- HAJIZADEHASL Ebrahim - Start date: 26.02.2017

This is also strictly announced that the riders and staff listed above are banned and are prohibited of any association to cycling during ineligibility.

Furthermore, all riders are notified that Mr. Rouhollah AHMADI’s condition is ineligible and therefore strict consequences will be applied to them riders in cases of prohibited association.

Date:00:46   5/17/2017



Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan)
Date:    30 Sep - 5 Oct 2018

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