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Public News

World Cycling Center Korea Satellite
Two Iranian riders and one coach in Korea

The following two Iranian riders and one coach have joined WCC Training camp in Korea with 3 days of delay.

Ali GHIYASI (Rider)
Majid SHEKARI (Rider)
Seyed Moezeddin SEYEDREZAEI KHORMIZI (Coach)

2nd Camp of World Cycling Center Korea Satellite
(WCC-KS) 2017 is being held for 40 days from 10th July to 18th August in the year of 2017. In this event which is only available for Elite riders, coaches and riders are able to join the training and education camp for developing their knowledge and skills. The coaching education program delivered by the Head Coach of the WCC-KS, who is recommended by the UCI or the WCC is being implemented at the same time.

The riders will also take part in a class 2 Track event at the end of this camp.

Date:19:49   7/15/2017



Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan)
Date:    30 Sep - 5 Oct 2018

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