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سه شنبه 27 شهريور 1397

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Asian Road Championships 2018 -Day 3
MOAZAMI wins ITT Bronze

Iranian national team member in Men Elite category won a bronze medal in the Individual Time Trial race.

The race was held with 15 riders at the start and winners of the medals are as follows:

Gold - CHEUNG King Lok (HKG) - Time: 0:49:53.649
Silver - CHOE Hyeongmin (KOR) - Time: 0:49:56.312
Bronze - MOAZAMI GOUDARZI Arvin (IRI) - Time: 0:50:52.621

Iranian riders also took part in Men Juniors and Women Juniors Road Races.

SIYAHIAN Sajedeh the only Iranian rider in at the start, finished at 6th place in Women Juniors Road race while 27 participants. Riders from Hong Kong, Japan and Kazakhstan won top three places.

Men Juniors Road Race was also held with three Iranian riders at the start who finished the race as follows:

14th place: AHMADISOLOUT Yashar
28th place: BAHRAMINEJAD Hossein

Riders from Japan, Philippines, and Thailand won the three medals.

Date:22:55   2/10/2018



Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan)
Date:    30 Sep - 5 Oct 2018

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