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شنبه 27 مرداد 1397

Public News

Official Announcement
Hossein Askari is out of Cycling until November 2021

Confirming presence of the banned substance of Clenbuterol in Hossein Askari's test sample collected during league races, he is sanctioned and is not allowed for participation in all sports activities for the duration of six years starting from 25.10.2015 until 24.10.2021.

It is officially announced to all Cyclists, Technical delegates of the teams and also team staff that arranging plans with Mr. Hossein Askari which is related to Cycling Sports is banned and will definitely lead to sanctions for them.

It is again confirmed that Mr. Askari has no responsibility at this federation and will be banned from all Cycling activities such as riding, coaching, acting as a team technical staff, holding training courses and etc. until the end of his ineligibility period which is 24.10.2021.

Date:14:18   2/15/2018



Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan)
Date:    30 Sep - 5 Oct 2018

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